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We provide Certificate of marriage is a legal document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage.
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Certificate of Marriage Inter Caste Marriage in Arya Samaj
Marriage Certificate provides social security, self-confidence particularly among married women We offers Inter Caste marriage, which provides valuable evidence of marriage.
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Marriage Conducted by Arya Samaj Mandir :

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Arya Mandir for marriage under the Arya Samaj conventions. Marriages in our Mandir can be solemnized between people coming from different religious or ethnic background or even different nations. For instance; under the prevalent social and religious customs, a Hindu is not allowed to marry a Muslim or a Christian and vice versa. But all these are perfectly permissible in our Arya Samaj Mandir.

Only thing that you require is age proof that the male and female partners are 21 and 18 years or more. This can be proved by authentic documents like passports, driving license, school or college certificates, and such others and the form of affidavit will be prepared by the organizers at Arya Samaj. Another requirement is that the prospective partners are not involved in any prohibited relationship according to the Arya Samaj guidelines.

Core features of Arya Samaj philosophy is we believe in elimination of all types of discriminatory practices, be it in marriage or any other. According to us, marriage is the union of two hearts above all mortal rituals that are mostly the creation of superstitions and degraded social values. On the contrary our values are the result of belief in the almighty and humanitarian aspects of life such as
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We believe the God is almighty and he controls everything. Mortal human beings have no right to restrict love and affection and building up legitimate relationship among adult male and female on planet earth. When we solemnize a marriage we also issue certificate of marriage registration that is acceptable in any court of law in the country. We work for the betterment of humanity in the world and solemnizing marriage between two eligible adults is major stepping stone towards achievement of the goal.

Under the provisions laid down in Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and Arya Marriage Validation Act 1937 vide section 19 the Arya Samaj is legally authorized to solemnize inter cast, inter-national, as well as inter-religious marriage. These marriages are also recognized by the special legislation equivalent to the Court Marriage Act 1954. Religions, social, customs, and conventions are no more a barrier for your marriage. Arya Samaj ensures it.

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